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The Save Ukraine Now has donated a special drone to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Save Ukraine Now Foundation donated a special purpose drone to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are sure that he will be useful to our soldiers and will work...

The Save Ukraine Now helped take out the shot woman, or the foundation’s first case

On March 4, a tragic event took place where we could not stay away.
An ordinary Ukrainian woman was completely ruthlessly shot by the occupiers in a car during the evacuation from the Kyiv region. She received 9 gunshot wounds!!!

On the spot, our medical staff managed to save Natalia’s life. After that, she was in the Irpen hospital for several days: under fire, without electricity and heat. She urgently needed rehabilitation.

We united and did everything in our power, and on March 9 we sent Natalia to Poland for treatment. So far, we have managed to secure her treatment there and we pray that she recovers as soon as possible.

We would like to sincerely thank the Clear Energy team, Veolia and its management personally for their immediate assistance in this difficult situation.

Their support saved not only Natalia, but also the history of the Save Ukraine Now charity fund. We have brought together international business and our city leaders who know exactly who needs help and who!
The main goal of the Foundation is to directly support the people who remained in the zone of active hostilities: we provide priority provisions, medicines, evacuation vehicles and much more.

Go to the donate page and support hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who are waiting for help right now!

The main purpose of the Foundation is to directly support the people who remained in the zone of active hostilities, food, medicine, evacuation, including medical, transport.

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